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Pricing Real Estate Photography and Commercial Photography can be a confusing thing. Most stock and commercial photography is priced based on several criteria but it all comes down to where and how the images will displayed and for how long will the images be used.  In other words, the greater the usage, the higher the cost.

As both an Wisconsin Real Estate Photographer and Commercial Photographer in Wisconsin, We have structured my pricing to accommodate both, albeit in separate packages.  Read on to learn more about my different pricing for photographing Homes for Sale, Rental Properties, or Businesses. (If you have a rental property, we may be able exchange lodging, for images of your property. Please inquire for more details)




  • Production Time up to 10 hours

  • Approximately 45 final images

  • Territory of Use – North America

  • License Terms – Unlimited media, 7 years 

Expanded Commercial is best suited for Multi-Family Real Estate (more than 10 units), Hotels, Resturants and Retail, Vacation Rentals and other projects where the images will be used for large distribution or for an extended period of time.  Emphasis is placed on project planning, efficient location work and most importantly creative, high quality imagery.



Standard Commercial - $500

  • Production Time up to 3 hours

  • Approximately 20 final images

  • Territory of Use – USA

  • License Terms – Unlimited media, 3 years 

Standard Commercial is best suited for Rental Housing, Residential Real Estate (more than 4000 SF), Multi-Family Real Estate (fewer than 10 units), and other projects where the images will be used on an ongoing basis for a moderate amount of time.  Emphasis is placed on efficient workmanship and high quality imagery.



Basic Real Estate Listing - $300

  • Production Time up to 1 hour

  • Approximately 10 final images

  • Territory of Use – 1 State

  • License Terms – Unlimited media, single use (up to one year) 

The Basic Photography Package is best suited for Residential Real Estate (less than 3000 SF) and other projects where the images will only be used once, or for a very short period of time. Emphasis is placed on quick and efficient workmanship and fast turnaround.


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